495 Express Lanes495 Express Lanes

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A More Predicatable Trip

Designed to Provide a Predictable Trip

The 495 Express Lanes use tolls to help manage
the flow of traffic to get you to your destination on time.


Dynamic Pricing
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Dynamic pricing keeps the lanes free flowing

The toll rate changes approximately every 15 minutes
to keep you moving.

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Tolls adjust to keep you moving

Roadside equipment monitors traffic and toll prices periodically adjust as necessary to maintain free flowing travel and provide value to customers.

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Lock in your rate

You lock in your toll rate when you enter the lanes. Your rate will not change once you’re in the lanes.

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Dynamic pricing keeps the lanes free flowing

The dynamic pricing on the Express Lanes manages demand for the lanes, providing you with a predictable option on the Beltway.


Prices on
the Express Lanes

Because toll prices are based on demand, it is difficult to predict exactly what the tolls will be at any given time. We expect they will range from as low as 20 cents per mile during less busy times, to approximately a $1.25 per mile in some sections during rush hour. An average trip cost is estimated to be between $3 and $6.

Before you get on the Lanes, remember these safety tips »