495 Express Lanes495 Express Lanes

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Carpools Ride Toll Free

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By riding in a car with 3 or more people,
you can use the Express Lanes toll free

Your carpool needs an EZ-Pass Logo
in the vehicle to let us know
you are a carpooler.

That way, you won’t
be charged a toll.

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Carpooling on the Express Lanes

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Plan to Carpool
on the Express Lanes

You need an
EZ-Pass Logofor your toll-free ride

Get Your E-ZPass Flex

Need to Find a Carpool?
The following resources will help get you on your way.

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Earn rewards for carpooling from NuRide.


Let Guaranteed Ride Home get you home when you have to leave work early or stay late.

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Commuter Connections Network Members in the Region

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